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“Raw! Inspiring! Riveting!”, “A virtuoso performance”

“Absolutely superb piece of theater. Well done”

“The best show I’ve seen at the Mill and I come most weeks”

“We came on 2 trains from North Yorkshire to see this and were not disappointed”

“A unique play in London theater, love it”

“A powerful show and you were mesmerizing”

"Brilliant – physically and emotionally a tour the force”

“This story needs to be told and this is the way to do it- from a fellow “Communist” - from GDR East Germany

“It was very skillful, moving and funny. grateful that we have you here”

“I haven’t seen a show so full of content – so well created – so dense – for a long time. You made me laugh and cry”

“Brilliantly written and performed; this show should travel everywhere”

“Absolutely superb piece of theater. Well done”

“I command everyone to come and see”

“I was amazed that one person could create such an entertaining experience. I never really understood the issues in Yugoslavia but I know I do now and I feel lucky”

"A memorable and Spellbinding performance”

“Impressive. Too shocked to clap in the end. Sorry”

“Absolutely amazing – very moving, very funny”

“Made me remember the women who have suffered – thank all those who keep the memory alive”

“A voice expressing views so seldom heard – very courageous”

“Thank you so much! I’m speechless……you made an incredible

performance and the story is so full-on in a good way!

“So real I almost couldn’t watch it”

“Excellent – very different and original”

“How many emotions, how many individuals can be created in the turn of a head? Drawing us into a monstrous story. Quite Brilliant!

“BRILLIANT, informative and quick-paced, but most importantly, UTTERLY compelling?"

“Enthralling, dynamic performance from a gutsy performer"

“The most honest piece of theatre I’ve seen for a long time”

“Fantastic – a vivid and shocking and deeply personal account of life under communism”


audience comments

Aberyswyth - Wales
Bridgewater - England
Castle Blayney - Ireland
Colchester - England
Derry - Ireland
Galway - Ireland
Glasgow - Scotland
Halifax - England
Leeds - England
London 1 - England
London 2 - England
Letchworth- England
Limmerick - England
Manchester - England
Monaghan / Cork - Ireland

Runcorn - England
St. Albans / Guildford - England
Sligo - Ireland
Stirling - Scotland
Wexford - Ireland
Prague - Czech Republic
Kendal - England
Corsham - England
Clonmel - Ireland
Edinburgh Fringe


"…the gusto of a survivor and a truly professional performer."

"A one performer show with the stamina of a full cast…"
Iain S., edfringe, UK

"…an incredibly powerful piece of theater, …hilarious, moving and downright disturbing."
"…frighteningly honest, remarkably insightful and expertly paced."

"…what a woman. What a story. Shakespeare could not have told it better."
"Her talent as a brilliant stage artist is dazzlingly apparent."
Tom Carreyette, edfringe, UK

"…a spellbinding one-woman show."
"…the piece does get quite intense, with more than a few people wiping away tears…"
"…a very powerful theatrical experience, a real roller-coaster ride, as moving as it is educational"
Struan MacKenzie, THE EVENING NEWS, UK

"A heart rendering tale told beautifully by the heroine."
"This piece should tour as far as the tale takes its audience."
Nick Fieldsend, edfringe, UK

"…an emotionally charged performance, …a compelling story."
"…moments of high comedy to serious, tear-inducing drama.…"
Thom Dibdin, THE STAGE, UK

"A bold and compelling piece of one-woman theatre that deserves the praise it's attracting."
Jason, S,. edfringe, UK

"…polished…a slick, energetic, but carefully controlled solo piece."
"…all singing, all dancing and winning Miss Wurth keeps up the tempo.…"
Robert Dawson Scott, THE TIMES, UK

"…layered, yet easy to understand and held together by a fine performance “I Miss Communism” reveals the human story
beyond the weighty subject matter."

"…you can't help feeling her pain over her disillusion with the West and the loss of her homeland."
Iain MacWhirter, SUNDAY HERALD, UK

"…Wurth's life story is worth telling."
Maxie Swalwinska, THE GUARDIAN, UK

"…It’s not hard to see why this short, snappy, bittersweet monologue has already proved a hit"

"Ines gives a very funny but also very moving illustration of her upbringing in Yugoslavia. If you only see one show in the Edinburgh Festival see this one. You won't regret it!"
Mark Lester - Actor ("Oliver!"), England, UK

"I found Ines' show to be extremely compelling material. A heart wrenching but ultimately hopeful story, beautifully written."
Lesley Ann Warren - Actress ("Desperate Housewives"), Los Angeles, CA

"A powerful written personal story, which speaks of universal themes - of the transient nature of memory and identity, and how we somehow find our footing therein. Ms. Wurth's humor and her sense of irony, even innocence never allow this deeply emotional piece to enter cynical terrain."
Robert Di Nozzi - Producer ("Flight Plan" - Jodie Foster), Los Angeles, CA

"...well worth your time" ".a complicated story told in a beautifully simple and intriguing way."
Kay Lenz- Actress, Los Angeles, CA

... "is a vivid and gripping story/performance of one young Croatian woman's journey from the land of her birth to her adopted country and back through her history. "It is also her journey through her internal landscape to gain new insights. "Movingly presented by Ines Wurth, the piece engages us with its compelling tale, thoughtful humor and the skillful performance by this accomplished actress."
Steven Kent - Director, Los Angeles, CA


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