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spacer “I Miss Communism” by Ines Wurth and Mark Soper

Running time: about 75 minutes

My name is Ines Wurth and I am from Croatia.

It's not in Asia, but it is in Europe between east and west.
And it was a part of Yugoslavia. kind of.
And it was Communist. . . Well, kind of.

There are very few rules and regulations in communism. The freedom of an individual has no limits. The system provides basic needs and the foundation for any human being. Mother government owns everything. No need to be a grown up.

I miss Communism.
Kind of. Why? Because.

It all started four years ago. After a busy, hectic day, I mentioned to my boyfriend that I missed Communism and he passed Hagen Daaz Vanilla ice cream out of his nose.

East goes West; communism goes capitalism; atheism goes God. From Croatia to America and back, my story is about three generations of women who lived through three wars in a drama with intense comic moments that won't leave you untouched. It's what I was raised in, it's what I came to America to escape from, and it's what I ran back to.

I miss Communism.
It's about freedom of the spirit not the systems.
It's about a woman coming of age.
It's about religion.
It's about war.
It's about Oliver Twist.

Ines Wurth [naturalized American citizen since 11/24/02]

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