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Assembly Rooms
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Ellen Snortland’s “Now That She’s Gone” is a one woman show that has something for everyone!

“Ellen has a gift for being serious and funny, making you laugh and understand at the same time.”
--Gloria Steinem, feminist, journalist, political and social activist

Contrast a sexually liberated daughter thoroughly enjoying life with a stoic Norwegian American mother who sounds like she just got off the boat, and you get a flavor of the NTSG smorgasbord.

Full of humor and poignancy, as well as human rights and history, NTSG is universal in its appeal and reaches across age, gender, race, religion, political affiliation and sexual orientation to bring something identifiable to all who see it: how we relate to the most important relationship in our lives… our parents.

Nominated for a Fringe First Award 2010

"Magical & Enchanting... a joy to watch"
-- The Scotsmen

“A moving story line that carries the audience along” – Broadway Baby

Silken Veils is an elegant hybridization of Rumi poetry, marionettes, shadow work, live performance, animation and contemporary Iranian history.

Creator Leila Ghaznavi blends these media to evoke the story of Darya, a young woman who questions the value of love, while reliving her childhood and the turbulence and passion of her family during the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the Iran/Iraq war.

A highly physical comedy exploring consciousness expansion and psychedelic history, Dr. Apple’s Last Lecture takes us into the mind of a highly esteemed neuroscientist as he loses it.

We, his students, observe as Dr. Apple’s lecture gets crashed by an unexpected trip into a subconscious world of tricksters, shamans and dropouts.

Featuring mind-blowing music, dance, sweet treats, and an original story inspired by the lives of Timothy Leary (historic Harvard professor turned LSD High Priest) and Jill Bolte Taylor (neuroscientist who gained insight into her mind by observing a stroke from the inside).

Be here now… but beware the cookies. IMC Productions