Ines Wurth presents

All shows run from
Jul 30 - Aug 24, 2008
Belly, Bully & Knotts: no shows Aug 11
Shoppers: no show Aug 18

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Gilded Balloon
Teviot Row | Bristo Sq
Box Office 0131 668 1633
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The British Amabassador's Belly Dancer at the Gilded Balloon

"Nadira Murray, a woman of extraordinary poise and beauty. An amazing, harrowing, sickening, uplifting and unexpectedly brilliant piece of theatre." -- The Spectator

"The total impact conjures up a fairytale atmosphere for this remarkable subjective story of the fabulous belly dancer and rescued by her gallant knight." -- Rivka Jacobson, The British Theatre Guide

"There's something about her apparent honesty and her indiscreet humour that's warmly beguiling." -- Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph

"Eroticism and seduction co-exist harmoniously and openly in Nadira's performance. Her openness may at times be disconcerting, yet it is engaging." --The British Theatre Guide

"Nadira is an engaging performer and laudably delivers 80 minutes solo in English. A stunning and spirited woman." The Financial Time

"A subtle dancer who ripples like water under wind." -- The Observer

"She displays a brilliant sense of comedy and of the ridiculous in life." -- The Fringe Report

Bully at the Gilded Balloon
Richard Fry's MySpace
Wikipedia: Richard Fry

"Richard Fry's one-man-show BULLY is a gripping tour-de-verse about a young man's struggle against a life of violence and oppression. Dealing with dark subject matters ranging from homophobia and domestic violence to death and Su Pollard, Richard Fry never lets the ball drop. His punchy script unfolds at an alarming rate which will have you laughing out loud one minute and holding back the tears the next."'

"Richard Fry's Bully is a touching and fresh look at a traumatic childhood and how it can stay with you. Anger and humour, shyness and violence, it's all there" -- Simon Fanshawe, writer and broadcaster

"I was hooked from the first line...storytelling of the highest order" -- Lizzie Roper, LBC Radio

"Rough and ready…and very f***ing funny!" Mel B, Spice Girls

"It's certainly different, and a true accomplishment on Fry's part to tackle such hard-hitting stuff - he's got an impressive emotional range and his performance is engrossing (if a little reminiscent of Ricky Gervais when he's being funny) and his story is gripping stuff" --The Camden Gazette
Shoppers Without Borders at the Gilded Balloon
At Santa Monica Playhouse
IMDB: Erin Donovan

Awarded “Best Solo Performance” by L.A. Weekly!

Set on London’s infamous Chelsea Houseboat Moorings, SHOPPERS WITHOUT BORDERS is an autobiographical comedy from writer/performer Erin Donovan developed with director Mark Travis. Mark Travis, having been credited in the L.A. Times as having created a ‘new theater genre’, is perhaps best known for the Solo shows he has developed and directed.

Secrets, houseboats…credit cards. “A truly hilarious show about moving, marriage and money” -- L.A. Weekly

“An exhilarating hour of fun. More fun than a shopping spree.” -- OnStage Magazine

On several L.A. Critic’s Choice lists, it’s been called: “Charming, funny and wacky as any Lucy episode,” and “A hit!”

And Ms. Donovan’s performance: “a one woman wonder,” “a gifted comedienne, bursting at the seams with talent,” and her “15 Monty Python-esque characters will make anyone soar with gut-wrenching laughter."
Tied Up In Knotts at the Gilded Balloon
IMDB: Karen Knotts

"Knotts’ humor is witty, gentle, and a little naughty, differing from her father’s nervous, reactive humor. A loving, joyous celebration of growing up with Don Knotts, Tied Up In Knotts humorously reveals the joys and sorrows of Karen Knotts’ life as she discovers her true talents." -- Mary Mallory, Tolucan Times

Karen unzips life, love, a nervous breakdown and growing up with a famous father (Don Knotts). Karen is either the most vulnerable woman or the most psychotically well defended. Critics call her “The talent”.

Karen Knotts has been making audiences laugh out loud on the stage, film and in television for more than 20 years. A colorful pioneer of the alternative comedy scene, Karen’s unique blend of improvisation, magic and stand-up-comedy has earned her the title of “One of America’s Funniest Women in Comedy.” She exhibits several of these talents in her new stage show. Show business is in her blood. She’s the daughter of an American entertainment icon, Don Knotts, an authentic comic genius. The world will forever remember Don Knotts for playing the role of Barney Fife on the long-running hit sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show or Mr. Furley in Three’s Company. IMC Productions