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CHANGE: The Upcoming War with Iran
by Mark Soper
Directed by Gordon Carver
Presented by Spankin' Yanks & IMC Productions

World Premiere at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007
August 3 - 27 (Previews 3, 4) - NO SHOW August 13
Assembly @ Hill Street Theatre (VENUE 41)

Running time: 90 min

Bob Ellis is a lifetime National Security Analyst. An active duty Viet Nam War veteran, he was pushed to the breaking point in Cambodia in 1972. Now he is pushed to the brink again, and by similar forces, as he is pressured to advocate the bombing of Iran. Close to losing his marriage, infatuated with a young Iranian informant, indebted to a life long friend, intimidated by an amoral, U.S. intelligence operative - while at the same time being promised all the allures of both power and prestige - Bob has to choose between loyalty, material comfort and conscience. Set in September of ’05, before the midterm elections, “Change” shows how maddeningly close the U.S. was - and may still be - to expanding the war in the Middle East.

Change is the story of one man's struggle to stay true to his convictions as pressures build all around him. Starring multi-Fringe First winner and one of Edinburgh’s favourite Jack Klaff, alongside Angus Macinnes, Houda Echouafni, Valerie Cutko and Martin McDougall, CHANGE provocatively asks what it takes for a man to change his mind, and for a nation to change is fate.

Mark Soper is an award winning writer and actor, currently starring in his one-man show Age of Angels (LA Times Critics Choice and Pic of the Week) as part of the 2007 Fringe Festival. His most recent Fringe festival was I Miss Communism, which went on to tour internationally twice following its 2005 Edinburgh debut.

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blurbs BLURBS

“Subtle and complex.  Sophisticated and satisfying.”
“A riveting examination of the slippery nature of trust.”
“Sexually charged, slick, this is unapologetically adult theatre. - The Metro, UK

“Frighteningly topical.”
“Should not be missed.”
“An Impressive play about personal responsibility and political power.”
- The Scotsman, UK

“Brilliant.  A rip-roaring show!” - The List, UK

“A big play.” - Onstage Scotland, UK

“Writing of the highest order.”
“Human emotions laid bare with spare clarity, subtlety and power.”
- Fringe Review, UK

“A portrayal of the grimy politics of Washington DC’s power corridors.  Memorable moments, astutely funny, the play has lasting resonance.”
- Three Weeks

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
(final weekend, ’07) - The Metro, UK

For more information please visit: Spankin' Yanks website.

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