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In 2004, Ines Wurth and Mark Soper formed IMC Productions in order to take control of their artistic lives. They have committed themselves to creating works of high artistic caliber on themes that are relevant to the world today, to developing this material for stage, screen, television, internet, etc. so that they can enjoy a prosperous living, and to reach out to their fellows in the arts community to best ensure that these goals can be achieved by as many people as possible.


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The Amnesty International Project

Using audience interaction, stylized re-enactment, and various multi-media presentations, “A.I.P.” dramatizes first person accounts of state sponsored terror. By portraying both perpetrators and victims both today and in the past in seemingly endless overlapping repetition “A.I.P.” captures the gruesome monotony of this horrific aspect of the human condition. From Guantanamo Bay to Saudi Arabia, from Rwanda to Darfur, from Buchenwald to The Killing Fields the examples are more numerous then time or tolerance will permit.

“Silence is the greatest sin.” Elie Wiesel

“If we fail this time -- and it looks like we will -- then next time perhaps we will fail a little less. That is the hope." -
An aid worker in Darfur

I Miss Islam

Heidi, a non-believer, worked for the U.N. during the Bosnia /Serbian crisis. After moving to Los Angeles, her marriage fails and her daughter rediscovers her Moslem faith. Emulating her mother, she volunteers to perform social work in Iraq where she is kidnapped, held for ransom, and eventually executed. Heidi is determined to reclaim her child's remains and to give her proper Islamic burial; but, where? In Bosnia, in Iraq, the U.S., Mecca? In “I Miss Islam”, Ines takes a character out of her previous one woman show (“I Miss Communism”, everybody’s favorite character) in order to explore questions of faith, identity and national boundaries.


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